Laura Horn Physical Therapy offers over a decade of clinical experience, specializing in female and male pelvic conditions, which result in pain syndromes, as well as bowel and bladder dysfunctions. Our treatments focus on a holistic approach to care, integrating both manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise to guide our patients towards a life of health, harmony, and balance.

One on One, Personalized Care

Laura Horn Physical Therapy is committed to the highest quality of care. All treatment sessions are one on one with a licensed physical therapist. Partnering with our patients we identify your needs, and design an effective, individualized treatment program that suits your lifestyle.

Holistic Approach

Working with the knowledge that all systems in the body are interrelated, we take a holistic approach to both assessment and treatment, integrating both manual therapy techniques with therapeutic exercise. We empower our patients to find balance in their lives, and assist the body in its path toward harmony.

Patient Advocacy

We are deeply committed to professional and public outreach; educating allied health professionals and community groups to the benefits of pelvic rehab; and increasing access to care for patients with pelvic dysfunctions. Often a multidisciplinary team may be needed to help patients through their journey of healing. With over 22 years of work in Greater Los Angeles and Pasadena, we’ve developed a strong professional referral network with specialized physicians and allied health professionals. Our personalized approach helps us identify the need for a referral, and navigate the providers.